About the Artist

Louis Crosby Artist

Born 6/10/47 Bellaire City Hospital………..Early art exposure  to graphic arts in the Ohio Valley by Lorena Ruminski  who introduced me to  Acrylics in the very early 60’s. Later whileold pgoto 1 attending High School enrolled in a local art school in Wheeling, West Virginia and took night courses in illustration from Harry Holbert a local TV Commercial  Artist and  Walter Courtney an outdoor advertising artist. Got a Portfolio together and ten minutes after graduation was on my way to Indianapolis to the John Herron  School of Art  Indiana University.  Joined the Army in 1969 as a medical illustrator and a combat medic. Served in Vietnam and traveled extensively in Southeast Asia. Later in Panama painting there as late as 95. I love the wilderness and the people of the villages and their simple honest lives. Illness in the family brought me back to the Ohio Valley where after the deaths of  both parents and the death of the economy I have  remained in a semi-vegetative state in St. Clairsville, Ohio painting a little each day.  Last summer I took a leap  instead of just traveling I moved to South Carolina.  My final move was completed in October when all the household goods arrived.  Now  with my young wife SSCrosby the photographer (found also on Fine Art America and her website is http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sscrosby.html), my old German Shepherd, Rommel (Rommel has since passed so I have been working with a new Anatolian Shepherd named Shep from Cause for Paws) and van I will be traveling South Carolina and painting the Spanish moss and beaches away from the cold winter of Ohio.