Rommel was a wonderful amazing dog.  He was able to help me during rough time.  As a Vietnam Combat Veteran I have had some rough times. Rommel was a German Shepherd and smart.  Rommel  went where I went.   He was special.  We spent a lot of time in the woods  He loved standing …


Tiny House Art

   Tiny House  Art After running out of wall space in my environment, I had to make some decisions on what would …

Night on Volcan

Night on Volcan

  Night on Volcan Acrylic on Canvas 11 x 14 April 2010 Night on Volcan was finished in April 2010.  I painted this …

rain water rinse

Rain Water Rinse

Rain Water Rinse Nude Woman outside a cabin in the woods bathing and washing hair Acrylic on Canvas 11 x 14 2001

figure study

Figure Study

  Figure Study Nude Acrylic Painting Figure Study Acrylic on Canvas 11 x 14 2009


Renaissance Fair

  Renaissance Fair    This painting is of a maiden dressed up for a Renaissance Fair 11 x 14 Acrylic on Canvas 2001 …

Panama Nights

Panama Night

Panama Night Panama Night was painted in February 2010 from sketches done in Panama while in Chiriquí province in 1995. Acrylic on …